Doumie, A world dynamic network

Doumie’s requirement is based primarily on an essential network of more than a hundred customers, partners and suppliers. They allow us to strengthen our distribution channels and achieve sales targets.

Today, our market, open to the international stretches over Europe, Pacific Asia, Middle East and Africa.
Doumie provides also its customers with an increased distribution network thanks to our market open to the international:

Suppliers, customers and partners recommend Doumie

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    Our network
  • An ace major in the sale ,
  • Innovating products ,
  • A volume of sale ,
  • Platforms of distribution ,
  • Attractive services .
  • Our suppliers

    Since 2010, Doumie develops in its network of foreground actors’ private sales and more generally online sale. Earlier, Fame signs coming from the web have trusted us to diversify their product catalogue.

  • Our partners

    Therefore, Doumie puts at the center of its development strategy links and discussions with its partners. This network is a major asset in the sale and allows us to offer our customers, suppliers and distributors innovative products, sales volume, distribution platforms and attractive services.

  • Our customers

    Famous brands called on our company to distribute their pioneering products. Several exclusivity contracts enable us to promote Doumie’s expertise as well as effectiveness and to ensure a volume of sale to our customers.

Feedback from past clients

"We are very satisfied with our partnership with the Doumie company. They show great professionalism
and offer us excellent reactivity at the sale of our products”. Bernard Sebban, Designer for Laguiole collection

"The Doumie company is a trustworthy and serious interlocutor. They have an excellent knowledge of the product as well as of the market.
Extremely professional, they respect deadlines and closely follow files.” Valérie Jacob, Product manager at Living Social