Doumie, Equipe of professional in your service

Makhdum C.
International trade expert, graduated from the INSEEC Business School in Paris, Makhdum Chaudry

has founded Doumie in 2010 after 15 years experience in the import and export of tableware products (Brand: Laguiole) within family business. Internationally oriented, he plans his sourcing and trading specialties with regard to the French and the European quality requirements.

Makhdum is a dynamic manager being attentive to the market evolution. He masters sale fields and has known how to adapt his know-how to E-commerce. With Doumie, Makhdum operates on two segments: arts of tableware and kitchen (and more widely; everyday life products) of Laguiole and Neoflamfrance brands as well as ‘nomadic’ products accessories (mobile phones, tactile tablets...) with its Bee and Qube pioneering brands.