Doumie Strategy

Doumie is a company of trading and sourcing at the international level.

Set up in 2010, it is based on a 15 years experience in import-export.

Specialized in the E-commerce, Doumie has a network of partners and customers on the Web following the example of private sales’ sites, group buying, showrooms and sites of online sale in France and abroad. Operating on the universe of products of the house, of the everyday life and of ‘nomadic’ products accessories (mobile phones, tactile tablets…) with its Bee and Qube brands, Doumie ensures a made-to-measure support in accord with the market and its customers’ targets particularly the French and the European ones. Based on its dual expertise in trading and sourcing, Doumie offers the insurance of quality products at a fair price and a high reactivity for the customer’s needs.

Our key numbers

  • in 2012 :
    26% growth
  • More than 4000 references
  • A 150,000 pieces stock
    in Buc in the Yvelines
    in the Paris region,
    within our logistic platform.

Our jobs

A sourcing of
made-to-measure products
A logistic platform
at your service
Trading of sales
Doumie supports you in products searching.
In expressing your needs at the sale, we bring you turn-key offers. Sourcing, trade relationships, importation, sale; Doumie is committed to the optimization of the value chain.
Due to our international network, we ensure mobility in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Always vigilant about opportunities, our teams are on the alert on trends and novelties of the market.
Doumie assures quality products at competitive prices thanks to a strict choice of suppliers. Adding to this, in order to ensure a constant service, we assure a reactive and attentive after-sales service.

Our succes stories

Revolutionize our technology

In 2012, Doumie has officially launched two new brands of smartphone accessories:
They revolutionize the market by offering design products at competitive prices :
Covers, cases, screen protectors, bumpers, headsets, USB sticks, cables, chargers ...
Bee and Qube are the essential accessories for new generation mobility products.
Solid, universal, adaptable, Bee and Qube ensure protection and high quality materials of your mobile accessories. You want an original cover, the latest fashionable headphone “old school”, Bee and Qube offer a stylish and elegant touch to your accessories.
Compatible with the famous brands of mobile telephony (Iphone, Ipad…), Bee and Qube propose a broad reachable range of products. Bee and Qube adjust to your wants and are presented according to your uses as seasons and trends dictate.

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