The success story according to Doumie

Solid, universal, adaptable, Bee and Qube ensure protection and high quality materials of your mobile accessories. You want an original cover, the latest fashionable headphone “old school”, they offer a stylish and elegant touch to your accessories. Bee and Qube revolutionize the market of ‘nomadic’ accessories by offering design products at competitive prices.

Secondary Phones

Fun cover, refined case, trendy screen protector, the Bee brand deploys a range of products that can be declined as one wants according to your personality and your tastes.

Join us and find out the accessory that suits you.
Colors, patterns, shapes, our Bee accessories will captivate you. Give style to your Smartphone and tablet computer.
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Secondary Computer Sciences

Headphone, USB stick, wireless keyboard, charger, Bluetooth earflap, stereo speaker, hands-free kit, find all the technology of new generation ‘nomadic’ products.

Our product catalogue offers hundreds of compatible references with the famous brands of Smartphones and tablets.
Qube combines quality and aesthetics to please fans of the latest trends.
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